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Building Better Habits.

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I have had the priveledge of being a part of a company that not only wants me to progress in my career, but personally as well. To do this, we put together 2 projects that do exactly that. 1 – do something, in short, that helps the company. 2 – do something that helps you personally. We are free to do whatever we want that falls within those broad scopes.

As some of you may know, Charleston can do quite a number to you. All of teh delicious food and bars makes for quite the unhealthy environment. I have regrettably gained a lot of weight since I have been here. I went from 170-180 pounds all of the way up to 220. I looked back at some of my habits and realized that I have become way to sedentary. Something needed to change. It was then that I went to the gym and got a personal trainer. He has since helped me lose 30 pounds and realize a love for exercising that I haven’t known before.

Before the weight loss:

Before the weight loss. Jenny looks beautiful, as always!

After the weight loss:

After the weight loss

Now, I am in better shape then I was in before (a WHOLE lot better), but there are still some goals that haven’t been met quite yet. I am plateuing in my training and need a change. Jermaine (my trainer) has worked wonders and helped me thus far. I am taking it upon myself to take it to the next level. With my personal project, I’ll be following a very regimented program – in both DIET and exercise.

Not only am I going to follow this regimen, two of my other friends are doing this with me. One to keep me accountable for every misstep and another to train and help better his habits as well.

DIET. MAN, DIET. I am not talking about eating salads every meal and cutting all kinds of calories. Your diet is what you eat on a day to day basis. My diet has been absolute shit and needs to change. The majority of body transformations aren’t from exercise, they’re from a strict diet of healthy foods. In short, we are eating infinitely healthier – less for enjoyment and more for health.

Exercise – I am still keeping to a very strict exercise routine, just changing how often I work out. 2 days on, 1 day off.

Kris Gethin – 12 Week Training

I am doing this routine and am going to love every minute of it.