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Week 1 in Review

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Hey guys, I’m back to review my first week on my new workout/diet regimen. First, the progress:

Started program: 185.0

Current weight: 179.8

5.2 lbs lost. Hell yeah! The first week is always the biggest week as far as weight loss is concerned because your body is expelling all of the sugars and bad nutrients it stored from before the changes. I was already getting pretty lean to begin with, so that is a big loss for me so far!

The first couple of days were extremely rough – getting used to the supplements and eating every 2-3 hours. I had to figure out a way to make the food not be so bland so I have been putting hot sauce on EVERYTHING.

My body is taking to it pretty well, though. I find myself more clear-headed and with more energy due to eliminating most all sugar.

Getting dommed(dominated) DOMS

DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness, is an acronym a lot of people use to describe the sore muscles 2 days after you work out. The day after workout isn’t usually too bad. The 2nd day after the workout is the worst. This is when your muscles turn really sore and you need to recover the muscles then most of all.


Worst day

Even though every day is kicking my ass and pushing my body to it’s limits, the worst day was day 5 – shoulders, calves, and abs. The reason being is I haven’t worked my calf muscles out in a very long time. I still can not walk due to soreness and it’s been 3 days.

Favorite day

I really enjoyed yesterdays workout – Legs. We did some crazy high reps of a lot of weight to destroy your legs. Was a great and tiring workout.

Before legpress

Before 150 reps on legpress. (Don’t worry, I fixed my footing before I started!)

After legpress

After 150 reps on legpress.

My first eating out experience

Eating out when you are changing around your diet is a very difficult thing to do. We went to Moe’s and I sacrificed a lot of things I would previously have added to my burrito’s.

No dairy, soy, and as little sugar as possible. So, I had a whole grain tortilla, chicken, onions, cilantro, fresh jalapeno and that’s it. It was surprisingly good, though! I also had to cut the portions to be fist-sized. So I ate half of the burrito first, then the other half 2.5 hours later.


Get to sleep earlier

I have to start going to bed earlier. I go to bed around 11:30pm and wind up laying awake for a few hours before sleeping. I need to shut down the electronics earlier and get to bed earlier. This is a lifestyle change, not just a workout/diet regimen.

Fight the cravings

I’ve been pretty good about fighting the cravings so far. My advice is to fight through it. They will stop. After day 3, I haven’t really had a craving to eat anything crazy. I’m on autopilot now.

Surround yourself with good people

Surround yourself with people who motivate and inspire. Do not surround yourself with people who push you towards cheating. Just like in every aspect of life, if you surround yourself with people who support you, things will succeed so much more often.

Cheat Days

Cheat days are not advised. Once you fall back into 1 cheat day, it will turn into many. I have allotted myself 2 cheat days throughout the entirety of the program.

  • Jenny’s birthday is this weekend. I will be “cheating” on saturday by consuming some meats that are a bit more fatty then I would usually consume. Still no dairy, though. Lame. I miss cheese.
  • Thanksgiving. Turkey and corn. All I will eat, but I will consume a large quantity of said foods. Ain’t no diet getting in the way of my Thanksgiving.